1966 was a big year.

This year stands out in the mind of every British person; even those born decades later.


It’s not because The Beatles released their album ‘Rubber Soul’…

It’s not because British Rail began full electric train passenger services…

And it certainly isn’t because England beat West Germany in the FA Cup final.

It’s because 1966 was the year Mitchell and Webber merged to form one company.

As separate entities, the Mitchells and the Webbers had already worked hard to establish themselves as reliable fuel distributors in the South West so working as one meant Mitchell and Webber went from strength to strength.

A company doesn’t expand through luck alone. Nope. It takes hard work, dedication and a true commitment to customer service. As a family business we know just how important these things are. That is what has enabled us to become part of the community in the most beautiful place on the planet; the Southwest!

Many of our customers have been with us for years and we’ve forged a strong relationship with them. Why? Because we keep them reliably warm!

If you want to find out more about the Mitchell and Webber story – watch our short history video – the link is below!


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