Health & Safety Policy

Mitchell & Webber in conjunction with a range of specialists works along with our customers to continually improve health & safety standards in the fuel distribution industry. Indeed in 2007 we were awarded the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers Depot of the Year which in general covered a large element of Health & Safety.

We have invested in new bottom loading equipment at our Depot and new lorries to avoid our staff having to work at height. We see the issue of working at height as a huge issue for our drivers delivering at customers sites and as such we have been offering free site survey to improve the fuel tank installations with regard to working at height and to assist our customers in meeting the new environmental regulations.

Please use the links below to download the Health & Safety Guidelines in PDF format.
Kero PDF
GasOil & Derv PDF

More information on Health & Safety can be obtained from the HSE web site and environmental information from the EA web site.