Advice on Avoiding Christmas Jumpers


The ‘fashion’ (for want of a better word) for Christmas jumpers is still going strong this year. In fact, thanks to a revival of retro crafts like knitting and crochet, it’s not just your great aunt agnes who is click clacking away with the knitting needles, everyone seems to be casting on.

the problem is that knitters think every garment that falls off their knitting needles is the best thing ever. They don’t see long arms, short bodies and baggy necks as an issue. They think that because they made, YOU must love it.

They think because it cost them £50 in wool and several weeks of manual labour that it will be treasured by you as a thing of incredible beauty.

This year is worse than any other previous year. not only do we have the the knitted atrocities of well-meaning relatives forced upon us, but the shops are full of all sorts of itchy creations blazoned with fluffy snowmen, tufty reindeer and bristly Santas… and people are actually buying them!


People of Devon and Cornwall – Enough is enough.

We don’t think this should be inflicted on anyone any more; it is the children we feel for the most.

it’s time to make a stand against knitted jumpers. Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you throw woollen gifts back at people in disgust. We know you wouldn’t want to cause offence.

Instead there is an easier way… turn up the heat. Yes that’s right! It’s as simple as that!

if your home is bordering on tropical temperatures over Christmas no one will force you to wear a jumper.

just give us a call to arrange fuel delivery (we’re still delivering heating oil over Christmas) and we’ll top up your tank in a jiffy.

The only problem is that next year you may end up with knitted bermuda shorts…. you have been warned.


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