Boiler Trouble

Did you know that not knowing how to use your boiler properly can be costing you money?  There are many people across the county who have misplaced their instruction manual and just use the on/off switches on their boilers rather than programming them properly.

If that’s you, how many times have you forgotten to switch the boiler off and woken up in the night all hot and bothered?

In a well-insulated home it takes approximately 20 minutes to heat the house to the perfect snuggly temperature. So it makes sense to set the timer to come on 20 minutes before you get up in the morning. Once you’ve done that, there’ll be no stopping you! Schedule the heating to go on and off throughout the day to coincide when you come in from work and when you go to bed.

Before you know it, your heating fuel consumption will reduce and you’ll start seeing the savings. So go on, have a rummage around your kitchen drawers for that instruction manual and set things up properly!

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