Boilers are Sensitive Souls

Regular servicing keeps your boiler efficient and safe.

It is an important aspect of maintaining your home but it is often something that gets overlooked. People understand the benefits of regular MOTS and servicing for the cars they drive but when it comes to boilers the poor thing is expected to keep on going and performing at it’s best without any TLC or words of encouragement.

The thing is, boilers are sensitive souls and do need a bit of a pick me up from time to time as otherwise things can go wrong and they breakdown.

But don’t you worry. Mitchell and Webber have a way of making boilers feel like new and can maintain your system to keep you warm and snug as well as saving you money.

Our engineers are highly trained and experienced and you can rely on us to take care of your boiler for servicing and repairs. We’ll make sure it runs like a dream and  for our care plan holders, we’ll endeavour to attend the same day wherever possible.

It makes sense to  do all you can to prevent the need for costly repairs, so give us a call to arrange a service visit. Oh, and whilst you’re on the phone, ask about our Boiler Care Plans – you’ll be glad you did! Nothing beats peace of mind.

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