This week is going to be a good week; mainly because the Easter holidays are coming!


School holidays are great, especially as the weather is looking more promising. Plus we live in the perfect part of the country to make the most of the great outdoors and create some fantastic family memories in the process.

BUT hold your horses, the holidays are not here yet and if you have little ones you probably have one thing standing in between here and the end of the week that could make or break your easter.

What is this thing of which we speak?

An Easter Bonnet.

Parents everywhere are now remembering a letter they received several weeks ago giving notice that they will have to make an easter bonnet. Ah. Its now the last week of term and unless you want a tantrum to kick of the holidays that bonnet is desperately needed.

So you make a frantic trip to the shop and splash out a fortune on those tiny little fluffy yellow chicks (I’d love to see the factory where these are made!), feathers, glue and glitter and set off home to put together something for your child to wear.

At first you think ‘I won’t spend long doing this; I have to make the dinner and collect them from karate in an hour’ but 6 hours later and several cups of coffee you have taken Easter-Bonnet-making to another level. You are covered in glitter and the odd beak that has fallen off those little yellow chicks but you are happy. You have surely produced the best ever bonnet?

we know that as you were glueing on those sequins you were imagining yourself in a school assembly, beaming with pride as your child is presented a gleaming trophy for possessing the most beautiful bonnet known to man.

As your child carelessly carries it through the school gates (without even thinking about all the hours of parent labour that went into it’s creation) they casually drop into conversation there are no prizes, there will be no winner, it is just for ‘fun’.


We’ve been there. But never mind, you have to admit you enjoyed making it!

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