Chilly predicament

We recently had to make an emergency delivery of fuel to a customer whose fuel gauge was on the blink.

As they sat inside thinking that they had more than enough heating fuel in the tank to see them through a rather chilly cold snap disaster struck… you guessed it, they ran out of fuel!

These things always seem to happen a) on a weekend and b) when you have someone in the house that needs to be kept cosy at all costs such as a new baby!

So in these situations never fear, Mitchell and Webber can be relied upon to do all we can to get a delivery of heating oil out to you as soon as humanly possible. We can even get one of our engineers to fix any faulty equipment. We’re not super heroes but you have to admit we’re a close second.

So if you find yourself in a similar chilly predicament just get in touch and pop on an extra jumper or two whilst you wait for us to arrive… you might as well speak to us about arranging a service for your boiler too because being prepared is far better than being caught off guard.

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