Someone recently asked us a very interesting question. A question to which we gave considerable thought before answering. A question which when answered gives fascinating insight into the personality of the person who gave that answer.

That question was this; what is your favourite animal?

At Mitchell and Webber we like animals so choosing just one is a difficult task. I mean, how does one begin to make such a decision?

We like the variety of the animal kingdom but for this question we decided to discount marine life and insects because most of them are too weird and although we find that fascinating, we believe that any creature that is to be labelled ‘favourite animal’ should be nice to cuddle if necessary. Insects would be to easily squashed in an embrace and fish are too slippery.

So as reptiles aren’t the best at cuddles we have narrowed our hunt down to mammals. Being in the home heating fuel business, we like an animal that enjoys being warm and cosy. But we felt that dogs, cats and rabbits were too obvious. Plus they would be most people’s favourite and we didn’t want to be that predictable.

As we live in the south West and deliver fuel to countless farms across the region we encounter a fair few number of chickens, horses, sheep and cows. They love being cosy huddled together in fields and barns so this provided us with the short list.

Chickens are a little too easy to startle. Not ideal when we tend to drive around in big tankers with loud horns! Horses are great and we quite like the idea of having a favourite animal whose hair we can plait. However, they are quite majestic and we feel a more humble animal would be more suited to us.

That leaves the two finalists. Sheep and cows. Well we like wool and we like milk so we decided that the favourite animal title should go to the animal we could not do without.

Because our home heating delivery is so reliable, we don’t have much need for woolly jumpers but we most certainly couldn’t start the day without a cup of milky tea.

On those grounds COWS are the winner.

So our favourite animal is the cow.

What’s yours?

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