Do I hear Christmas??

Urm… hang on a minute. It’s October… but what’s that I hear in the shops? It can’t be? Is it? Yes. Yes it is. It’s Christmas music and you had better get used to it.

For the next 3 months you are going to hear the same 70s rockers belting out the same 70s festive tunes over and over again. It is as if these songs contain subliminal messages telling us to spend spend spend.

I mean think about it… why is it always the same songs? It can’t be that retail managers won’t fork out for a new CD every year, the answer HAS to be more sinister. Play these songs backwards and you’ll probably hear the mind controlling strategies employed by the retailers.

OK, so that may be going a little far but at least wait until the end of November to start playing those festive tunes.

Research shows that Christmas makes people happy so maybe the keenness to welcome the festivities is just a keenness to spread a little cheer. I suppose those songs do make me smile…and I do love singing along. If the songs changed every year we wouldn’t have time to learn the words would we?

OK shops – you have convinced me that Christmas music in October is a good idea… but if I see a bauble or even a bit of tinsel before November I won’t be happy!

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