Hello and Welcome

Drum Roll Please….
Ladies and Gentlemen we are pleased to introduce you to the brand new Mitchell and Webber blog. [The crowd goes wild as raucous applause fills the air]
We plan to use this blog to keep you informed of all our latest special offers and services. As well as this, we will be commenting on the issues that are close to our hearts and anything that affects our community.
We are really excited to welcome you to our new website and blog and thought this first post would be the perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.
The Mitchell and Webber team are professional, hardworking, good humoured and friendly. We like a good chat, a nice cuppa and we love Cornwall and Devon; it’s where we live and work and it’s where we have spent years getting to know our customers.
So make yourself comfortable browse the new site and check back here another time for more blog posts about issues we’re sure you will be interested in.

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