Home Made Christmas

Home made is all the rage.

Mary Berry wants us to bake our own Christmas cakes and Kirsty Allsopp wants us to make our own Christmas gifts. All the TV chefs have released books explaining how to do Christmas their way and we admit it is tempting to get carried away with it all.

Learning to knit and then produce a Christmas jumper for one of the kids might seem like a good idea and the pride you get from completing something that does resemble a garment is priceless. But remember, it’s not you who will have to wear it! We don’t suggest you rush out and buy your kids all the expensive clothes, gadgets and toys on offer in the shops, but if your knitting isn’t up to scratch we suggest you consider the merits of a cardboard box.

That said, who wants a perfect Christmas? We think it’s funny when the turkey doesn’t defrost and when the stuffing gives Grandma wind. We like it when Dad gets tipsy and falls asleep before dessert. At Mitchell and Webber, we think it’s the imperfections that make magical Christmas memories. So bear that in mind when your Christmas day turns out far less glitzy than the TV adverts. Sit down at the end of the day and enjoy that warm, reassuring feeling you get from knowing you don’t have to do it again for a whole 365 days!


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