Hot tubs and Monkeys

Keeping warm is an important part of life for all creatures; great and small.

I’m sure you have all seen those images of Japanese snow monkeys bathing leisurely in the hot spring pools on the mountain tops. They look so relaxed as they chill with their friends, catch up on the news and partake in gossip about that monkey who has had a terrible haircut.

Keeping warm in a hot tub

Why don’t we do this? Turkish baths have been popular in their time and the monkeys seem to thoroughly enjoy the warm waters.

Yes! This is what we should do! Every garden could have a hot tub and every street could install a  communal sauna with the neighbours.

I’m sure it would be a fantastic way to socialise with people and also help to instil a sense of community which (according to the government) is something our society is missing.

However there would always be that one person who hogs the best spot, or that man from over the road with severe flatulence which would just ruin it for everyone. The monkeys have to put up with it, but we do have an alternative choice.

There is always one annoying person who hogs the best spot.

This is where Mitchell and Webber come in. We heat your home so that you will always have an ambient temperature without the need for hot tub sharing, saunas and monkeys.

The other problem that hot tubs and saunas create is one I am sure the monkeys are familiar with.

There comes an inevitable moment when you realise it is time to get out. It is usually well after your skin has gone wrinkly and possibly coincides with a meal time. It might seem like a simple thing but it requires a huge amount of bravery. The shock of the cold air that is felt all over your body as soon as you get out of the tub is torturous; almost painful.  Some days I don’t feel like being brave; especially when it’s cold. So maybe a Mitchell and Webber oil powered heating system is my best option. At least then I don’t have to be courageous and if I’m honest I don’t really like hot tubs. I’d much rather have a bath and a cup of tea on the sofa.


Maybe I will suggest the Japanese Snow Monkeys call Mitchell and Webber. I bet they waste a lot of their day in the water and all that steam and must play havoc with their hair.

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