Latest Vehicles Can Run Rough On Gas Oil

Latest Vehicles Can Run Rough On Gas Oil

In the last couple of months we have had many requests for a premium fuel to improve gas oil performance.

It appears that the latest off-road vehicles have been developed on European off road diesel – which is closer in quality to our DERV (BS EN 590). UK Gas Oil has lower cetane number and no lubricity spec compared to DERV.

Although UK poorer gas oil quality is not new, the latest vehicle technology appears to have been "squeezed" to meet

lower emission limits. Such a "squeeze" regularly puts stress on

fuel quality – and some of the latest engines can run rough.

Performance Features:

• Better pulling power

• Easier starting

• Smoother running

• Better protection

• Lower fuel consumption

• Lower smoke, particulate and NOx emissions

• Reduces sludge and fuel tank contaminant

• Fewer water problems

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