Life Lessons

If you have ever been unlucky enough to experience a broken boiler you will already agree that a regular service is important.

I remember experiencing a broken boiler as a student. At the time, it wasn’t particularly cold outside but we soon noticed how cold it felt inside.  We plugged in a heater and soon forgot about the problem of the boiler…. until the morning.

Foolishly we hadn’t realised that the boiler heated the water. After a couple of cold showers it didn’t take us long to report it to the Landlord.


A repair man turned up the following day armed with a tool box. He had a cup of tea and a biscuit (which was probably stale) and spent the next few hours grunting and tutting.

Eventually he poked his head round the door to tell us the boiler was so old and needed lots of replacement parts. The problem was, this boiler wasn’t even made any more!

We needed a new boiler.

It took what felt like an eternity to replace it; especially when the plug-in heater stopped working. We had resorted to holding mugs of hot water from the kettle to keep our hands warm and when things got really bad we would have a quick blast all over the body with a hair drier.

You go to uni to learn. But this experience taught me an important lesson about boiler servicing I will never forget; Being cold is horrible.

Make sure it doesn’t happen to you. Give us a call today and book your service.

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