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hvo fuel trials in a church

HVO Renewable Fuel trial – update

09 July 2021

Mitchell & Webber are proud to have been the first company in the country to trial a new renewable fuel in a property in Redruth, Cornwall which commenced in November…


A variety of appliances now approved for HVO trials

29 June 2021

Other appliances have been approved for HVO fuel trials in order to ensure that they can be converted to run on the new fuel. We now have a variety of…


Upcoming red diesel tax changes

15 June 2021

In March 2020 the government announced it is removing the red diesel tax entitlement for many sectors, here’s a short overview of the upcoming duty changes and the potential implications for…


We supply the first home in the country to run on renewable HVO

19 February 2021

Mitchell & Webber is the first distributor to deliver the new, low carbon heating fuel for UK trials. We are proud to fit and supply the first home in the…


Up to 90% saving in Net greenhouse gas CO² emissions

16 February 2021

This renewable fuel is very different from previous biofuels it is not a biodiesel. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.  The manufacturing process with Hydrogen means that a quality cleaner fuel…

HVO fuel trials in tractor

First trials of HVO renewable fuels in a property and tractor

11 December 2020

Mitchell & Webber are proud to be the first in country to trial a new fossil-free liquid fuel (HVO) in a property and Tractor This could revolutionise the agriculture and…


Rayburn Cooking Day

29 March 2016

Last Wednesday those attending our Rayburn Cooking Demonstration were treated to some exceptional cooking on a Rayburn Oil Fired Cooker kindly carried out by David Pengelly with delicious samples being…


What our Customers Say

29 January 2015

We love hearing from our customers; knowing we have served them well leaves us with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. That’s why we have been beaming with pride ever since…


Our Advert (The Making of)

08 January 2015

When news got out that we were thinking of making a new commercial we were inundated with calls from Hollywood. A-listers were hounding us and sending audition tapes and some…


Are You Prepared for Christmas Guests?

20 December 2014

With Christmas cheer comes christmas visitors. it’s the same every year. Your home is bursting at the seams with friends and family with stories to tell and mouths to feed.…