Open for Business

Recently The South West has taken a bit of a battering weather wise. But once the clouds had gone and the rain had stopped the businesses down here were quick to get back on their feet and shout to the world ‘we’re here and we’re still open for business!’

You see, us Cornish and Devonians are hardy folk. We are not easily put off; even by torrential downpours, floods and gale force winds. So as the clear up process started, everyone down here wanted to send the message to all the tourists that the South West was still open for business and that they were all still welcome.

That’s why we were keener than ever to get out there with our tankers and make sure all our fuel deliveries reached our customers for when they needed it.

Our dedicated team worked hard to support the local community because it’s OUR community too.

From pubs to B&Bs, farms and shops we have everyone covered. We like to think it’s our way of helping the South West stay firmly on their feet and ensuring that business down here continues to thrive.

We’re so proud of how quickly everything went back to normal because it just goes to show you can’t keep a good thing down!

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