Our Advert (The Making of)

When news got out that we were thinking of making a new commercial we were inundated with calls from Hollywood. A-listers were hounding us and sending audition tapes and some went as far as to send bribes.


We thought enough was enough.


“We said Oi Tinsel Town! No!”


“You can keep your famous faces, temperamental directors and expensive studios. We want to do it our way.

We want to do it the Cornish way.”


You see, with our new commercial we wanted to reach out to our customers across Cornwall, Devon and now Somerset thanks to the opening of our new depot. We wanted to celebrate what makes all us South-Westerners unique. To do that we needed some local lads and lasses to get their heads together and come up with something that would make everyone smile and spread a little Mitchell and Webber warmth across our beautiful counties.


It was important that the Company we used to produce the commercial were local and understood our message. That’s why we chose Idenna. They are creative so could write (although we would like to take some of the credit for the script) produce, and edit all in one place. That kept the cost down which meant we cold spend more on a clapper board, director’s chair and a hamper of cornish pasties; all of which were integral to the success of the advert.


The commercial was filmed on location in North Cornwall, which in our opinion beats anything that Hollywood could offer anyway. As our actors were Cornish boys too, it meant we could give them a lift home afterwards saving money on helicopters, limousines, chauffeurs and bodyguards. Brilliant. We were also able to save money in other ways whilst filming, for example; we needed the actors to follow the same line of sight as each other, so instead of using a high-tech contraption we decided to use another moving object for them to follow with their eyes…we sent the Mitchell and Webber director John Weedon himself up the lane on a bicycle!

If you didn’t catch it on the tele, you can see the advert here http://youtu.be/m5vW_iaJ30g and you have to admit, it’s boody good n’all… even if John’s cycling didn’t make it to the final cut!


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