Pelican Socks

Yes it’s summer, but if you’ve even so much as dipped a toe into the sea off the South West Coast you will know that no one has told the ocean it’s time to warm up. Anyone who manages to completely submerge themselves will emerge with chattering teeth without fail.

As surfers continue to brave the cold water for the love of their sport, we can’t help but wonder how does the animal kingdom cope with the chilly waters?

London Zoo took photographs of some of their inhabitants using a heat detecting camera.


This is our favourite picture. It shows a Pelican walking away from a pool of cold water, leaving a trail of warm footprints behind it!

It’s body is so well insulated with feathers the image shows it to be blue. That means all the heat has been trapped inside.

Well done Pelican – you have a warm, well insulated body. Has anyone ever told you about a pair of socks? We’re sure that would help combat all that heat you are losing from your feet.

That’s given us an idea. Whilst some people out there go for a swim in the Atlantic, we’re going to stay at home in the warm and knit some Pelican socks. This is a get rich quick idea if ever we’ve seen one… and if things don’t quite go to plan at least we have our heating fuel topped up so we can always invite Pelicans round here to toast their webbed toes with Mitchell and Webber warmth!

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