Power Flush

Women everywhere are often  tempted by the promise of a ‘new lease of life’. Treatments offering vitality and good circulation seem to conjure up images of youthful vigour and that is definitely something everyone wants.

So you may be surprised to hear that Mitchell and Webber offer treatments that match that same description.

We’re no beauty salon and we’re certainly not a health spa. We don’t do detox or cabbage soup diets. We do however offer a Power Flush Service to remove sludge and scaly deposits to give your heating system a new lease of life. That means better circulation and better efficiency. Good huh?

Power Flushing removes these harmful deposits that accumulate over time in all central heating systems and replaces them with clean water, treated with a corrosion inhibitor, restoring circulation and reducing fuel bills by as much as 25%.

Now we have your attention with that astounding 25% possible reduction in fuel bills, it might be time for you to decide whether your heating system could benefit from a good, hearty power flush.

Do you hear noises from your boiler or system?

Do you get that yucky black water when you bleed your radiators?

Are your radiators slow to warm up?

Is your hot water a bit hit and miss taking ages to heat up and running out fast?

Do you get leaks from your radiators or other parts of your system?

If this sounds familiar, give us a call and see how we can power flush a smile on to your face.

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