Prepared Wedding Guests

As you have noticed, we are advocates of being prepared. It’s the Mitchell and Webber way.

Another important event when you should be prepared is for a wedding speech. I’m not just talking about the speech givers, I’m talking about ALL guests at the wedding. With the wedding season fast approaching, I suggest you sit up and pay attention to what we have to say… our simple advice may come in useful.

The bride’s father isn’t so much of a worry for the guests. He has been to lots of weddings in his life and knows the score. He has seen too many other poor efforts by other speech givers to fall into the ‘under prepared trap’. So you don’t need to concern yourself with him. That one is usually fine.

The problems arise when the groom takes the floor. You need to be prepared to listen to all sorts of drivel about his beautiful bride and the happiest day in his life. However, It can get much worse; the groom may be drunk and emotional. A sobbing man in a suit is always awkward and if he hasn’t planned exactly what to say he could be rattling on for ages. Make sure you have been to the loo and have a supply of drinks and nibbles to get you through.

The best man could also prove a problem for a guest who has not prepared for the worst. For example, he might reel off a speech he found on the internet full of clichés and rude jokes. Now, it’s only polite to laugh in the expected places so make sure have prepared yourself for inappropriate anecdotes and bad punch lines so you can chuckle with gusto as required. This will make you will appear to be the perfect guest which could pay off as the night progresses in terms of drinks at the bar and a VIP pass allowing you to avoid queuing for the evening buffet.

See? Mitchell and Webber can help you through anything!

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