Retro Modern

This morning, on our social media page we posted a photo we had found of a retro surfboard. Large, flat and rectangular, it looks so different to modern day boards and we imagine there are some budding surfers out there who have never even seen a board like that.

Todays boards are the result of a developed understanding of materials, streamlining and weight.  They are designed to be easier to handle, go faster and (most importantly) to catch the wave! That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the original boards; far from it. There is something appealing about them, something organic and natural and it difficult to resist their allure. Newer boards are just different.

This got us thinking about our fleet.

Just like surfboards, our vehicles have changed enormously over the years. You have all seen our now-famous Bedford tanker, but in between then and now we have driven from A to B in all sorts of vans, lorries and trucks.

When we look back at the pictures it makes us smile because those vehicles that look so dated now were cutting edge when we were using them. It is amazing to think we have photos of the trusty horse and cart in action at the very start of Mitchell and Webber’s history. No doubt 100 years from now people will look back on the photos of our vehicles from 2014 in amazement.; imagine what they will be travelling in then!

Whilst we are exceptionally proud of the vintage tanker we restored, it serves as a reminder that our company has always strived for an impressive fleet of vehicles. Thats why alongside preserving our company history, we have always endeavoured to incorporate the newest technology and improvements to our fleet and equipment to ensure we deliver the best possible service to you.


Because that’s what you deserve… and because we like getting new trucks!


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