Yesterday was the day of romance… Valentine’s day.

Today we are left with a bitter air of sadness. What is the cause of this melancholy? Women who didn’t get the proposal they had been expecting spent the night sobbing silently into their pillows.

And the men?

Well, it’s quite tiring pretending that the gift of a teddy bear embroidered with ‘I wuv woo’ was exactly what they wanted.


Nothing is ever like it is in the movies and as we come to realise that fact we feel a distinct loveless chill.

But never fear; Mitchell and Webber are romantics at heart and can definitely give you all that warm fuzzy feeling.

Don’t worry, our delivery drivers won’t turn up dressed in black with a box of milk tray under their arm so your neighbours won’t think there’s any dodgy business going on. We’ll just turn up on time, deliver your heating fuel and be on our way.

Then you can just snuggle up on the sofa bathed in warmth. What’s better than that?

You know what you have to do. Call 01209 821676 to keep those heating oil storage tanks topped up. Bring a little M & W love into your life; you’ll feel better for it!

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