Romantic Preparations

Four days and counting to the most romantic day on the calendar  AKA the biggest rip off of the year. Flowers  miraculously double in price and heart shaped chocolates appear on the shelves in every single shop on the planet. You have to buy a card, go for dinner and even splash out on expensive fragrances and lingerie.

Every year we all say the same thing. We all say that we are not going to buy into this huge conspiracy designed by retailers to encourage us to splash the cash. We all decide to have quiet nights in. We say we won’t send cards or buy gifts this time and everyone seems quite happy with this decision.

But then the day draws nearer and the romantic adverts on billboards, TV and radio must do something to us because we all start to go a bit, well, soppy. We begin to feel that it is necessary to at least send a small card to our loved one; nothing flashy or expensive, just a small card to express our feelings. So we decide to pick up a card next time we are passing the shop.

At this point it is game over. Once we enter the shop they have got us. We choose a card that costs twice what we wanted to spend because it has the perfect picture on the front. We then buy a teddy bear, a box of chocolates and a pointless heart-shaped ornament that expresses our undying love. Urgh.

So we might as well just give in now and succumb to the wave of tacky gifts because no matter how strongly we protest against Valentines Day we secretly love the warm feeling we get when we open the pink sparkly envelope from the one we love.



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