Round things

Round things are great aren’t they?

Clocks, wheels, balls… it must be something to do with the face they can spin and roll.

hoola hoops

Yep, spinning and rolling is fun. Take the hoola hoop for example. Anything that can get one’s hips rotating like that has to be a good thing. We have even had experience of circular revolving dance floors in our time and they take some beating!

But we think we have found a way to surpass that revolving dance floor.

You see, the thing about round things is their predictability and reliability. They give the assurance that the same thing will happen with every turn. Just like you can depend on the hands of a clock ticking round in a steady, uniform manner; you can also depend on us to get to you for heating fuel deliveries whenever you need us.

Yup. We work everything out for you so when your tank is running low you don’t have to do anything because we can be relied upon to roll up to your house with a delivery every time you need it. Like a rubber ball we will always come bouncing back to you and we’re much easier to use than a hoola hoop! Just give us a call to schedule fuel delivery.

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