Children in every generation have taken to carrying what is commonly known as a ‘security blanket’.

Despite it’s soft, fluffy nature it gives the user a sense of safety and security that you would not think possible from a textile product.

Stroking the soft pile between a thumb and fore-finger or rubbing a silky label on one’s cheek, the way in which security is extracted from such blankets differs from user to user. Some carry them everywhere they go and others keep them in a snug place for sleepy time but should they ever be mis-placed the loss will send the user into a state of panic.

We like security blankets.

We like that there is something that exists that is soft, fluffy and warm that makes children feel loved, safe and happy. If we were a blanket we would be a security blanket; a huge red and yellow one that would wrap everyone in a snuggly aura of warmth.

We like the idea that warmth and security go hand in hand and it makes us smile to think that the feeling of comfort that our customers have in their homes is partly achieved by our heating oil that burns cleanly and efficiently in their boilers.

So next time you’re feeling cold and the heating fuel is running low in your tank, think of us as a metaphorical security blanket that can be relied upon to surround you with warmth whenever you need.


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