Agricultural Fuels

Mitchell & Webber have been supplying farmers for so many years that in very many cases firm friendships have been made. Our reputation for speedy deliveries at busy times of the year is renowned accoss the counties.

We have a range of Agricultural fuels that we supply.

HVO Renewable Diesel

HVO is a premium fossil free diesel product made of 100% renewable raw materials, which does not release any new carbon dioxide into the atmosphere... find out more

Standard Gas Tractor Diesel

A quality gas oil for all compression ignition diesel engines.

Premium Tractor Diesel/Gas Oil

Mitchell & Webber have spent time with industry experts developing an exclusive fuel to improve the performance of Gas oil. It appears that the latest off road vehicles have been developed on European off road diesel – which is closer in quality to our DERV (BS EN 590). UK Gas Oil has lower cetane number and no lubricity specification compared to DERV.

The latest engine technology appears to have been pushed to meet lower emission limits. Such changes regularly puts stress on fuel quality – and some customers have reported that the latest engines can run rough on Gas Oil. Our Premium Gas Oil improves pulling power; promotes easier starting, smoother running and better protection; lowers fuel consumption, black smoke and emissions; reduces sludge, fuel contamination and water problems.

For more information, view our FAQ section.

Premium Tractor Diesel/Gas Oil Benefits

  • Better pulling power
  • Easier starting
  • Smoother running
  • Better protection
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower smoke, particulate and NOx emissions
  • Reduces sludge and fuel tank contaminant
  • Fewer water problems

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FAQs - Premium Gas Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

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We have attempted to answer common questions:

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