Domestic Central Heating Oils

Mitchell and Webber offers a choice of domestic heating oil across both Devon and Cornwall to ensure that we match the correct heating fuel to the needs of our clients and their boilers. Optimising the heating fuel can greatly improve efficiency and cut down on servicing requirements offering a double saving to our customers.

Home Heat 28

Standard home heating oil for boilers. Complies with BS2869 class C2.

Premium Home Heat 28

Optimised for AGAs, Mitchell & Webber have spent time developing various additives to maintain your heating fuel to the optimum state whilst in your storage tank and whilst burning during combustion. We have tested this product extensively and found that it greatly reduces the carbon deposits built up; especially in vaporising cookers such as Agas.

The launch of this fuel is totally in response to the needs of our customers with cookers, helping them reduce the need to have more frequent servicing than usual; hence we recommend this fuel for all vaporising cookers.

See our Q&A on Premium HomeHeat.

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