HVO Renewable Heating Fuel

Fossil free renewable fuel trials continue...

Mitchell & Webber are proud to have been the first company in the country to trial a new renewable fuel in a property in Redruth, Cornwall which commenced in November 2020. The fuel has performed extremely well with the boiler performing as well as traditional fossil fuel. We have also now completed the first School and Church in the UK (see below) which are excellent examples of difficult buildings to decarbonise.


MP Visits Kehelland HVO Village

MP visits Kehelland HVO villiage to see how well this renewable fuel works and learns of the massive carbon savings made!


Kehelland HVO Village

National Demonstration Trials – an update as at April 2022

12 months running on HVO

Watch the video of HVO in action

Initial trials in 2021

What is this new renewable HVO home heating fuel?

The fossil- free fuel, called Hydrotreated Vegetable oil (HVO), is produced from certified waste fats and oils. Unlike previous biofuels, HVO is manufactured by a synthesised process with hydrogen, to create a renewable fuel that can save up to 90% net greenhouse gas CO2 emissions. It is non-toxic and biodegradable. 

The manufacturing process with Hydrogen means that a quality cleaner fuel that contains no sulphurs, metals or aromatics are produced. The ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) confirms that the fuel is sustainable, made from certified waste fats and oils and does not contribute to deforestation.

Tests so far show are extremely promising with the boiler performing as well as it would with a traditional fossil fuel.

There are many steps within Industry and government departments before a national transfer from Kerosene heating oil to this Fossil free HVO fuel and we seek your support for this plan.

The HVO trials are supported by OFTEC and UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association(UKIFDA), and is certified sustainable fuel by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification(ISCC).

"The HVO Fuels only available in trials at the moment, but please get in touch to register your interest"

A variety of appliances now approved for trial

Other appliances have been approved for trials in order to ensure that they can be converted to run on the new fuel. We now have a variety of boilers from condensing combi’s, Low NOx, older boilers and Rayburn pressure jet cookers running well and efficiently on HVO.


Further trials of HVO

We have recently commenced trials in Gwinear School and Stithians Methodist Church where both historic buildings have major issues to enable further insulation and costs of a new technology to heat the buildings are prohibitive and would be too disruptive.

These are excellent examples where a minor conversion to the boiler enables a perfect solution so that the existing system can run a renewable fuel.

HVO Gwinear School
hvo fuel trials in a church

Register your Interest

There are some steps still required within the industry and government departments before a national transfer away from fossl fuel for heating.

UKIFDA and OFTEC have now set up a campaign to ensure the whole country is aware of the low carbon fuel and welcome interest shown. 

Register you interest with us by e-mailing    

We also ask that you visit the Future Ready website and register there.

The more consumers that visit this new national site and register interest the more momentum can be gained to help the  country move away from fossil fuels.


HVO at a glance

  • Cleaner and greener – reduces net carbon emissions by almost 90% compared to fossil heating oil
  • Simple conversion for most oil appliances
  • Low cost to convert – cost to convert is expected to be around £500
  • Fossil free – certified sustainable waste materials
  • You won’t notice the difference – runs as efficiently as heating oil and it’s odourless

“Mitchell & Webber - The First company to begin trialing Fossil Free fuel for heating in the Country!!”