Planned Heating Oil Delivery

Running out of heating oil is at best inconvenient but could cause you problems with family members who need to be kept warm. Remembering to check your oil tank and order heating oil is something that can easily be forgotten.

More and more customers are taking advantage of Mitchell & Webber’s planned delivery service to ensure that they maintain levels of heating oil in their homes wherever they are in Cornwall or Devon. Our fuel distribution infrastructure has been designed with the particular problems of narrow rural roads in mind with small tankers capable of gaining access to almost any property, anywhere in the county.

How Planned Delivery Works

We take information on your usage and the responsibility of refilling your tank is left to us. As long as your tank is accessible you do not even need to be at home.

The metered delivery ticket will show exactly the quantity of oil delivered.

All we ask is that you let us know if your usage is likely to change – for example, if an elderly relative is coming to stay for an extended period – we can then adjust the delivery pattern.

Here is the best bit – there are no charges for this service. You only pay for the oil you have delivered.

Register Online coming soon, please email us if you would like this service