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AdBlue is a diesel additive available in Cornwall & Devon through Mitchell and Webber. In addition to our fuel distribution service across Cornwall, we supply the AdBlue Diesel additive to allow compliance with EU diesel engine emission standards.

AdBlue helps businesses meet EU emissions standards for heavy duty diesel engines. Supplied by Mitchell & Webber


What is AdBlue?
The parliament of the European Union has issued stricter emission standards (EURO 4 in 2005, EURO 5 in 2008)
for heavy-duty diesel engines (> 3,5 t, > 85 kW).

AdBlue is the trade name for an aqueous solution of urea. This reducing agent converts harmful nitrogen oxides into innocuous nitrogen and water. Since AdBlue is corrosive, certain materials are required for its handling and storage. Recommendations for these materials have been made by CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council) according to DIN 70 070.

What is SCR technology?
To meet new emission standards, the automobile industry has decided to introduce SCR technology for diesel powered heavy goods vehicles. SCR is the abbreviation for Selective Catalytic Reduction and means simply the catalytic conversion of harmful exhaust gases into naturally occurring substances.

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AdBlue Storage Solutions

We supply and install Deso Adblue tanks with dispensing units which come complete with: Stainless steel todo connector, hose, nozzle and flow meter.
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