There comes a time in life when we feel that we missed out when we were young. If only our parents had forced us to go to cricket training, if only they had driven across the county to let us play polo, if only…

Well now we’re grown up, it is up to us to make our own decisions and if truth be told, I doubt I would have wanted to do any sport my parents suggested; if they wanted me to do it, that inevitably meant it wasn’t cool!

But for some reason Autumn makes us all feel a little bit sporty.

The autumnal urge for team or sociable sports results in an influx of people in new white trainers at the squash courts and people with borrowed drivers at the golf club ready to embark on a new hobby, hoping it will change their life for the better.

The expense of taking up such hobbies is enough to put most people off, but for those who opted for team sports it is slightly different. They have to continue the weekly practices because their team-mates ‘need’ them. So no matter how much they hated that first rugby match and no matter how unappealing getting out of bed early on Sunday to play football may be, we have to do it because we have made a promise. Plus no one wants to be the first to quit.

So if you seem to have got yourself into a similar situation just grin and bear it a little while longer. Someone will stop going which will open the floodgates for people like us to make our escape.

Until then be safe in the knowledge that once that final whistle blows you can head to your nice warm, cosy home covered in mud and bruises where you can relax… until next week.

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