Spring Preparations

Each spring as the cold weather disappears and the sun begins to peep through the clouds we all get the urge to put things in order.

People emerge from their hibernation-like state blinking the darkness from their eyes and quickly busy themselves with tasks such as trimming the hedges and cleaning the patios.  Windows are opened and the fresh, spring air is invited into houses up and down the county.

As we clean, sort, fix and mend the problems that winter left us with, it is important to remember our boilers. It is easy to forget them when they are in full working order whirring away in the background, but don’t be fooled into thinking boilers are only useful during the winter months. Hot water and central heating are needed ALL year round and you will soon notice if your boiler goes wrong.

Our engineers are professional tradesmen who take pride in their work. They will service your boilers and carry out any necessary maintenance to ensure you enjoy the benefits of a fully working boiler. Regular servicing reduces the need for costly repairs an it doesn’t hurt to be prepared so give us a call today and book in a boiler service. Remember: prevention is better than cure!

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