We love Sundays.

It’s the perfect day to relax with the family and enjoy some quality time together. Now we may be biased when we say this, but we think that Sundays in the South West are better than Sundays anywhere else in the country, if not the world.

I mean, we have so many things that are just perfectly suited to Sundays with the family. wonderful coastal and country walks, lazy Sunday drives along beautiful country lanes, countless cosy pubs for the perfect lunch venue, dramatic beaches, wonderful villages to explore…. need we continue?

everyone is so busy these days that sometimes it is easy to forget to spend time with the people who  make us smile and the people who make our lives meaningful.

Thankfully, Cornwall is the ideal setting for a perfect day with the family.

So we hope you have all had a great day and remember how lucky we are to be able to do it all again next week!

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