That Summery feeling…

We know you miss summer so we are going to transport you there.

Turn the thermostat up to 30 (we know this isn’t usually a good idea – but just for the purposes of this exercise of escapism it will be ok).

Now close your eyes and breathe in and out….

We have just realised that with your eyes closed you can’t read the rest of this blog so open your eyes again and go and get some to read this to you in a soothing voice whilst you close your eyes.

Found someone?


Right. Close your eyes and inhale deeply…. and exhale.

Imagine you are lying on the sandy beaches of the South West. It is summer and you can feel the warm rays of the sun on your face. You can hear the gentle lapping of waves (woooooosh, woooosh) and the distant call of seagulls (squark squark.)

You can smell the delicious aroma wafting from the seaside eateries and the ice in that tall drink is clinking softly in your glass. You are utterly relaxed. You are in a wonderful, summery mood. You are not bothered by the incessant arguing of the couple next to you, nor are you concerned about whether they are going to scoop up what their dog has deposited in the sand.  You are warm, you are happy and you are relaxed.


Keep your mind in this place and open your eyes.


Now continue with your day in summer mode but don’t forget to turn the thermostat back down!

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