The Century’s Coldest Winter???

As we all begin to feel that cheerful, warm, tingly sensation caused by the imminent approach of Christmas it’s worth remembering it was only a couple of weeks ago that we were warned this winter could be the coldest for 100 years.


OK – so it appears the experts have got it wrong again. However; it is winter, it is the UK so at some point the whole nation will grind to a halt as soon as the first snowflake tumbles from the sky. Why? Because it always does. So when you close your front door on the icy mayhem you want to be welcomed home by a warm, glowing oasis of cosiness.

100 years ago even the most luxurious homes would have struggled to stay warm; I bet Downton Abbey would have been chilly at the best of times (even without the frosty glances of Maggie Smith).

But you are lucky enough to inhabit the here and now. With central heating systems, boilers, thermostats AND Mitchell and Webber! We deliver heating fuel to homes and businesses across the whole of Devon and Cornwall and it’s our mission to keep all our customers warm this winter.

Although we might not agree with ‘experts’ who predict temperatures will fall as low as minus 20 degrees, we do agree it’s going to be nippy. So it makes sense to give us a call to order the supply you need.

Place an order today. Then if Jack Frost does pay a visit, you can look him in the eye and say ‘Hello Frost, I’m ready for you’.

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