The Fuel of the Future

Premium HomeHeat:28. No, it’s not a new futuristic space-age film but it is a futuristic fuel… sort of. You see, we have developed our own additives that actually lower carbon build-up, stabilise fuel, keeps fuel fresher for longer, reduces service problems and improves system efficiency. Plus it reduces sludge formation; no one likes sludge. It’s the fuel of tomorrow today, or yesterday or even next Tuesday… it can be the fuel of any day depending on when you want it delivered! Our delivery men may not turn up in hover trucks wearing space suits but despite that, you will still be impressed.

I know what you’re thinking ‘Alas! My Aga uses Kerosene, I cannot possibly use Premium HomeHeat:28. Woe is me’. WRONG Premium Homeheat:28 is compatible with all boilers and fuel burning cookers, so it’s just like normal kerosene… only better! You don’t even need to wait for the tank to be empty before you fill up. Plus you may be interested to know that your Aga could require less servicing because Premium Homeheat:28 drastically reduces carbon deposits.

So to sum up; Premium HomeHeat:28 is like liquid gold. It is the fuel of the future; it will save you money because it is more efficient; it burns cleaner reducing emissions AND the need for such regular servicing to your appliances. We think you need it in your life. It’s not magic but it’s not far off.

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