Warmth Brings Life to the World

When you think of Easter you think of Eggs. The two go hand in hand. This time of year the egg is the universal symbol of new life. As the natural world springs into bloom around us as we tuck into chocolate eggs, it seems an appropriate symbol.

The hatching of an egg is a beautiful thing. It is the introduction to the world after the wondrous stages of development from ‘nothing’ to ‘life’.


A mother hen incubates her eggs lovingly day after day. She keeps them cosy, protects them from harm and probably sings them a few chicken nursery rhymes too.

To us at Mitchell and Webber the crucial element to the successful hatching of a newly formed life is warmth, although the chicken would argue that the nursery rhymes play an important part.

As you already know, we like warmth.

Warmth brings comfort, happiness and contentment.

So in our minds it makes perfect sense that Mother Nature has made warmth essential to welcoming new life to the world successfully.

If we were a little chick, being cosy would make us want to tap at that shell and break out to feel the warmth on our fluffy feathers. It would definitely put a smile on our beaks and teach us our first important lesson in life; being warm feels nice.

Well done Nature.

Warmth is brilliant.

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