Warmth over Glitz

You may have spotted our advert on the TV already, if not, keep your eyes peeled over the next week or so.

The producers of Hollywood were all eager to have a piece of the action when it came to our television debut. The L.A. Studios were on standby and the A List Celebs were queuing around the block to audition for a part in our advert.

But that’s not what we wanted. We had to break the news gently and say ‘No thanks, Hollywood we have all we need right here.’

You see, we don’t want glitz and glamour we just want to keep the people of the Southwest warm this winter.

We know the West Country like the back of our hand.

We know the twists and turns of the country lanes.

We know the curve of the coast and the rise and fall of the land.

We know the quiet little fishing villages.

We know the bustling seaside towns.

We know the farmers.

We know the householders.

This is where we live and work and we’re proud to provide exceptional service and reliable heating to those who share the Southwest with us. So when you see our advert on the TV we hope it makes you smile and reminds you that you can rely on us to keep you warm this winter. (Sorry Hollywood)

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