What is September?

September is a funny month. What is it? Summer?… Autumn?…. Now, obviously we know the official answer but weather-wise September proves year on year that it is a confused page on the calendar.

We think that the start of September is the start of ‘jumper weather’. It feels natural that come the 1st of September we should clad our bodies in a fine knit. However, year on year we discover that this isn’t always the best option.

We leave the house with our bodies at the ambient temperature and then before we know it, the clouds part and September sunshine begins to make us sizzle beneath the layer of knitted insulation.

The next day we feel like we have it sorted so we opt for a cooler ensemble… but guess what? Today the clouds don’t part and a chill descends that leaves us yearning for the jumper of yesterday.

By the third day we have it sussed. Layers are the way forward. Layering is the answer to our problems. Too hot? Whip your cardi off… too cold? Pop on a jumper over your t shirt. Sorted!

Thankfully your home heating system is far more sophisticated than that. Your thermostat operates to keep you at a perfect and constant temperature so the stress of layering stays the other side of your front door.

So – do yourself a favour and make sure that boiler of yours is serviced and in full working order to ensure it can cope with the yo-yo temperatures September brings.

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