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We love hearing from our customers; knowing we have served them well leaves us with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.
That’s why we have been beaming with pride ever since our customers Jo, James and Ella got in touch with us to share their story.
This is what they said:
Dear  M&W
Living in Cornwall, the last thing you want to do is go up-country (by that we mean anywhere other that Cornwall). On this occasion my family and I were reluctantly planning a trip to Birmingham on the Saturday in order to attend a Wake for a family friend. Our reluctance was because the weather forecast was for wintery showers and snow and Birmingham is a long way to travel in bad conditions. After a little deliberation we got on with it &  hit  the road. As is often the case, despite being bitterly cold, the only evidence of  snow was a light dusting on Brown Willy and Roughtor visible from the A30, much to my eight year old daughter’s disappointment!
 So the roads ended up fine and we were really pleased to have made the Wake. All was good until…….. we got home.
We arrived home on Sunday to find the heating system was on but the radiators were cold. It was freezing! After a little flapping we realised that we had run out of oil. With no Plan B we were left on a freezing Sunday afternoon with only one borrowed electric blow heater and lots of duvets. We also had the worry that the timed heating had been drawing on an empty oil tank which potentially could have had a very negative effect on our heating system.
We called Mitchell and Webber on Monday at 9 am and our Oil was deliverd at 11am. No fuss, prompt and reliable. Thank you it was such a relief. My letter is for your blog or social or wherever you want to use to say thank you. We are now talking to your guys about relocating & updating our Oil tank. From there we will use your managed planned service so we won’t have these problems again.
Your guys have been great and responded to our problem quickly and efficiently. It’s easy to imagine that there problems will never happen to you and also easy to underestimate how horrible it is when you have to go even one night without any kind of adequate heating.
Our advice is stick with the experts!
Thanks Again
Jo , James & Ella
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